Hi Everyone, finally got around to updating this site with the latest and greatest software for this site. I know its been all over the place and even down for months at a time. Well I've finally found some time get a basic framework up and running. I will be combing through all my archives and try to update the site from the beginning to today's latest images. 

The image in the header of the site was taken in 2014 at my place of employment. The car still runs great and is a "time capsule" of when I finished building it almost 20 years ago!

Check out the 'Latest Updates" links to see recent additions to the site including the interior tour of all the major components of the car. I'm looking for more images of when I was building it up, but may come down to having to use screen captures of when I video recorded the entire process. I can't recall if I ever really took good photos during the entire installation process as that was a very long time in the making.

I'll add more history and back story as time permits, but overall the site seems to be coming along pretty good.



Chris Bertrand


Site Changelog:

10/17/2018 - Minor layout changes

10/29/2016 - New video gallery & video engine updated

8/12/2016 - Updated video modules with ability to like/dislike and add guest comments

2/14/2016 - Image gallery engine added and images added to new sections

7/7/2015 - Relaunch

7/8/2015 - Added interior tour

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