Hi Everyone, finally got around to updating this site with the latest and greatest software for this site. I know its been all over the place and even down for months at a time. Well I've finally found some time get a basic framework up and running. I will be combing through all my archives and try to update the site from the beginning to today's latest images. 

The image in the header of the site was taken in 2014 at my place of employment. The car still runs great and is a "time capsule" of when I finished building it almost 20 years ago!

Check out the 'Latest Updates" links to see recent additions to the site including the interior tour of all the major components of the car. I'm looking for more images of when I was building it up, but may come down to having to use screen captures of when I video recorded the entire process. I can't recall if I ever really took good photos during the entire installation process as that was a very long time in the making.

I'll add more history and back story as time permits, but overall the site seems to be coming along pretty good.



Chris Bertrand


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7/8/2015 - Added interior tour

It was a beatiful day and I decided to take the car out for a ride during a normal work day. Car started right up and ran great. These pictures bring back lots of fun memories of the build. While I'll never tear it down again, I will be doing some minor upgrades as time permits.


View the embedded image gallery online at:

These images are the post process of assembly around 2004 is the best guess. K.I.T.T. was originally not built with the entire sound system in place as it is today. The interior was built up first and remained that way for a bit of time before I started working with Tom Holmes (rest his soul) who took something that was great and built it into awesome. The end results are shown here. A Special thanks goes out to Joe Paquette & family who was around before the conversion begun, helped with sound system installation phase, and introduced me to Tom. Without these two critical people, what you see today would not have been made possible.

The car of 2015 is still in the same configuration since that time frame and will most likely remain in that state going forward.



View the embedded image gallery online at:

These two videos were shot at my place of employment. I brought it in as some of my friends were asking about the car and it was a good time to stretch its legs on a beautiful day. Car still looks and runs great, some new work will begin as time permits and I will be driving it a bit more as it is so much fun to drive. 


These videos were shot way before the advent of cell phones, GoPro Cameras, and any other year 2000 devices that we are accustom to by today's standards. They are "high res" which at that time was 320x240 to achieve 30 frames per second. There is no real good way to try an upscale them to larger videos without adding all kinds of crazy artifacts. The original format was .avi and converted to .mp4 to allow it to stream with minimal conversion losses.

So please enjoy them for what they are and that is to give an idea of how difficult it was to create this car. I was working full time and had two small children at the time and was very lucky to have the support to be able to build this while all that was going on.


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