All the changes to the site are listed below:


Site change log:

9/2/2023 - Site adjustments, operation, pagination completed. Should be good for a while.... until the next update. Enjoy.

9/1/023 - Site template for latest version implemented, requires extensive corrections, will take some time.

5/16/2023 - Site is undergoing a major renovation, Joomla has made major updates and it is affecting site wide extensions. Will have operational ASAP.

2/2/2019 - Issue found and corrected, videos should all play correctly now. Email me if you find an issue. Thanks!

2/2/2019 - Issues found with playing videos, seems like a jquery issue. Working on it, will update when completed.

1/27/2019 - Added dedicated change log dedicated page to clean up the main landing page.

1/19/2019 - Multiple updates to story line and background. Added images to tour 2004 page.

1/18/2019 - Experimenting with new image gallery to make images easier to see both on mobile and desktop platforms.

1/10/2019 - New template and Image gallery installed, still a work in progress.

10/17/2018 - Minor layout changes.

10/29/2016 - New video gallery & video engine updated.

8/12/2016 - Updated video modules with ability to like/dislike and add guest comments.

2/14/2016 - Image gallery engine added and images added to new sections.

7/7/2015 - Site relaunch.

2015-Present - Converted site from traditional creation tools to Joomla engine and components/modules.

2001-2015 - Various updates and site growth, some iterations not so good!

7/8/2004 - Added interior tour.

2/7/2001 - Domain and site initially created.